Mr Bucket meets Bucket Bloke

Newstead, “Words in Winter” Busk, Sunday 3rd August (5.30pm)

Imagine if you will, two extraordinary blokes in different continents, one experiencing the cold of a Melbourne winter the other sweltering in the European heatwave, both defined by their buckets, one metal, one plastic. Both together for the Newstead “Words in Winter” Festival this August.

When Paul Paradox (Aka Bucket Bloke) contacted Mr Bucket this year it was like finding a long lost younger brother who shared the same bucket fixation. Bucket Bloke is a brilliant conceptual artist who has embarked on a project “100 photo’s in 100 days”, all featuring Bucket Bloke in different location around Europe.


Mr Bucket will travel to Newstead and through a powerful cross-bucket mind meld will introduce and talk to Bucket Bloke who will be linking from Zurich in Switzerland.


This is a rare and privileged opportunity to delve into the significance of the “Bucket in Art”, as Mr Bucket and Bucket Bloke share their personal experiences and artistic insights. Newstead itself owes so much to the humble bucket. From those early settlers who cleared the land to the miners who dug for its riches… it was and still is, all about the bucket.

Bucket Blokes prints are available in Australia through this website by contacting Mr Bucket (pricelist to be posted soon).