Port Fairy Folk Festival 2011

Thankyou to everyone who came up and said hello to Mr Bucket at this years Port Fairy Folk Festival.

Mr Bucket is just going to put in a shameless plug for all the great people and stuff he got introduced to that weekend… Jo Pug, awesome, Casey Chambers, sweeet, Fiona Boyes, phenomenal… and Fox How?


One of their illustrious members, and none too fond of buckets, Becky, used her baggy sassy-ness to shimmy up to Mr Bucket for a photo.

The thing we love about Foxhow, is they actually come from Foxhow, and they are a really beautiful sounding band, they are just recording at the moment but already have four great songs on myspace including Mr Bucket’s favourite “Light the Way”.

And the New Zealand couple who ordered tshirts for their friend who is the “King of Haumoana” and he actually comes from Haumoana “Nearly first to see the sun” and home of the Haumoana Men’s Knitting Club.

& thankyou to all the great organisers (actually that was just a shameless plug so we get invited back next year).

My Music afficinado and travellin companion has her own blog and has written a fabulous account of those three days .