Mr Bucket in Transylvania

Thanks to Marshall for this great pic. It’s going straight to the Mr Bucket Abroad page. Taken in Transylvania, I wonder what the Romanian’s make of Mr Bucket, the t-shirt does rely heavily on Russian propoganda. Marshall has some words of wisdom on his blog… Anymore great photos for the page, please send them […]

Ms Bucket?

Recently there has been a lot of questions asked as to whether there should be a Ms Bucket. Mr Bucket has influences as diverse as Monty Python, Cary Grant and Biggles, an amalgam which hearkens back to the innocence of the 50’s a sort of relentless optimism, he blunders on without questioning his limitations, able […]

Mr Bucket Surfs

Here at Mr Bucket we love tradition, the fine tradition of Aussie Surfwear. We remember when the t-shirts reminded us of Holden Ute’s and big dunga surfboards. That’s why we have released “Mr Bucket In Search of the Endless Wave”, inspired by the Endless Summer (1966). In cool blue or porn star orange.

The Vegemite Incident

If Mr Bucket has got one thing he doesn’t like to talk about…. it’s the vegemite incident. Nobody really knows what went on, Mr Bucket awoke on the side of the road, after a hard night – smeared with vegemite. He has been a reformed character ever since – giving up his wild lifestyle. (True […]

Welcome to the Bucket Blog

There is a bit of confusion over who Mr Bucket actually is. There is the guy who sells Mr Bucket t-shirts, well I have had my Mr Bucket moments – however I’ve never been famous, never likely to be. There is the mannequin that looks like Mr Bucket – guess what folks – That’s a […]