Mr Bucket goes to Highpoint


From Saturday 1st April to Friday 7th April. Come and meet the man behind the bucket or with the bucket!!  All your favourite Mr Bucket t-shirt designs and new products such as aprons, prints and cards will all be onsite for one week only at “This is Art” an art installation project by Ero.  We […]

Mr Bucket Screenprinting Workshop


  Workshop Outline Each workshop will be limited to a maximum of 4 people. You may be looking to just learn a new skill or you may have a specific project you would like to start within the workshop. With flexibility and fun built into the workshop  and the 3 hours you spend at our studio. […]

Who is Mr Bucket?


So many people ask me that question, human beings need explanations – some nailed down, sewn up explanation for the man in the bucket. Well I am hear to tell you there is no easy answer to that question… All we know is that he was born different, his mother recognised her child was special […]