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Mr Bucket tshirt ideas

There is a bit of confusion over who Mr Bucket actually is. There is the guy who sells Mr Bucket t-shirts, well he has had his Mr Bucket moments – however he’s never been famous, never likely to be. There is the mannequin that looks like Mr Bucket – guess what folks – That’s a mannequin.

No, the real Mr Bucket is actually out there and lives in the imagination of everyone who buys a Mr Bucket t-shirt. He is a man of mystery, wears a bucket on his head and we don’t know why

We would love to hear your ideas for new Mr Bucket t-shirts. Post on our Facebook page or send us an email, we will help out with the graphics and in a couple of months we will select our favourites and put it to the vote. The winner will receive products to the value of $100 and get to see their idea on a tshirt.

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