Get a Handle on Mr Bucket

I want you all to imagine a simple man who all his life has dealt with being different. He has lived a colourful life, tasted fame and now lives in suburbia, all his life he has worn a bucket on his head.

Get a handle on Mr BucketThe strong iconic imagery of Mr Bucket is only the beginning. The brand tells a story and every tshirt adds to the narrative. Mr Bucket challenges the notion of brand as he gently satirises fame, fashion, suburbia and popular culture using irreverent Australian humour.

From humble beginnings screenprinting on the kitchen table (est. 2008), Mr Bucket has gained a cultish following with a few basic rules:

  1. We don’t know why Mr Bucket wears the bucket, perhaps we all wear our own metaphorical buckets.
  2. Wherever possible our tshirts are locally made 100% cotton (presently within a kilometre of our studio), or made “sweat-shop free” according to standards set by “Ethical Clothing Australia.”
  3. The tshirts are designed and screenprinted in our inhouse studio by the artistic team. Then packaged in a recycled paper container and individually labelled.

Mr Bucket believes strongly in supporting the local arts and giving back to the community.

As independent designers, who produces and sell tshirts locally we think it is important that people are given the choice to purchase ethically. Consumers get the benefit of supporting dynamic local design without any environmental or trade concerns. If you think Mr Bucket might be an interesting way for you to raise awareness or promote your event please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.

Let’s leave the last word to Mr Bucket…

“A couple of times I feel almost ready to remove my bucket… but then I feel as if I need the bucket to make sense of the world.

I get angry with the buckets other people wear, particularly when it comes to blundering on with a blinkered view towards change and our impact on each other as well as our planet. I am a great believer in tolerance, accepting difference… but then after all I do wear a bucket.

Most of all I want to share ideas. I am just an ordinary bloke that wants to engage with others. I have a lot of wonderful expansive dreams going on in this bucket of mine – and that’s what makes me truly happy.

We don’t live in a bubble, I only wear a bucket”