Drifting into Fifteen

Sometimes at the start of a New Year you feel like your still catching your breath from the last one, so this week I took a breather by myself – down at Phillip Island  with the best intentions to get some work done and fire up for 2015. Instead I took a long wander along the beach ended up feasting on fish and chips and a beer, feel asleep in the afternoon sun – woke up feeling drowsy and went to the local supermarket.

A car pulls up behind me as I was loading my groceries.
“You get Around”
I shook the hand of a young gentleman called Dan who I didn’t recognise.
He told me how many Mr Bucket T-shirts he had, how he usually wears them and while treating me like a minor celebrity asked me some very poignant questions..
“Are you still enjoying it?”
“Are they still made by you in Australia?”
“Where’s the best place to go for a swim when the tides out?”

Thankyou Dan, it can be really easy to forget after over 5 years now that Mr Bucket is moving into 2015 with momentum as an established cult figure. We have an overwhelming amount of ideas for the website, tshirts and marketing and look forward to getting out to the markets and festivals, for Mr Bucket this is only the beginning…

PS. We have just restocked “Post Industrial Design”
This shop is an inner-west hotspot for cool, clever design.